Friday, January 23, 2015

Regarding the past with Delis

Today seems to be a day in which I received an email about Jewish food. My thinking stimulated a response!

How true it all is. I can remember, even when we lived in
Toms River, going to NYC to have deli there since there was not very much in TR. When I lived in Rochester NY we used to go to Cohen's Deli and it was such a joy! A corned beef sandwich which was too big to hold on to. Pickles in the barrel! Oy, I salivate just thinking about them!

Then years later, we moved and raised a family in St. Paul, Minnesota. We had come back to Yiddish land. Many delis to choose from in both St. Paul and Minneapolis. Years have passed, when we visit now, there are a few of the Delis left, but oh so few. One that I know of in St. Paul and a couple in Minneapolis. Indeed our heritage is dwindling.

When I lived in Houston, Katz came to town and there were a couple more which we indulged in. They are still there and in Houston Judaism flourishes. We lived in an area where they were over 13 synagogues in a 3 mile radius! Even a Jewish Community Center.

Now we live in Kingman. There is one place where you can still get a pastrami sandwich! It is tremendous! Homemade by a transplanted Yid who also makes home rolls on which he serves this colossal delicacy. You also get a can of soda and a bag of chips for the handsome price of $5.00! McDonald's eat your heart out!

We also can go to Las Vegas and there are several places where you can gourmet deli food. All you have to do is put them in your GPS and get directed to their doorsteps. One store (Smith's) is a part of the Kroger group, and they have a section in the store which is the largest Kosher store I have ever seen. It beats the heck out of those in your area since it also has a meat market par excellence.

Enough reminiscing, now on to bigger and better things since I cannot eat much of the Yiddish food anymore!

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