Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 My the Summer Flew by and now we are going into Fall!

Lots of Turmoil 

 We have survived the stinging heat of summer and are now heading into what used to be called Indian Summer.  The weather has shown a last gasp of furious storms and we shall be getting a couple more in the next few days.  However, we have gotten through the worst of the tumult!



All attention is now focused on the debates and the elections which will take place a year from now.  It seems that there is a lot of name calling which is going on and those people who yell the loudest seem to be getting heard more than the others.  

Isn't it strange that religion seems to be playing a role in the election process.  Many are now protesting that a Muslim is in the White House.  Well, to you it is clear, he is not running for a 3rd term.  There is no need to defend him or to castigate those who do not.  His time will be up soon!  What we need to hear from the candidates is what is it you are going to do! There are two sides to every story and without definitive proof, President Obama has to be taken at his word.  After all, you all elected him!

Programs and platforms are the agenda.  Let us know what you have planned for the common man and the things which will make life better.  Thomas Payne called this Common Sense!


 Plans for those who are currently here and plans for those coming need to be formalized in some fashion.  We do not have a count of how many came in during the past 7 years.  Much less, those who have come in during the time since the last census of 2010!  During the time of taking census, the takers would go house to house and get every living place counted.  Finding illegals was normal business, since the census is confidential, those who are here never show up except in a statistical way.   I can recall the 2000 census in Houston, there were many people who were there illegally and living in apartments with other illegals.  All were either looking for work or were working under the same social security number.  When I pointed this out to the powers that be, they said it was not our business.  We just had to count people.  I wonder what other countries do?

Many people come to our country by walking across the open borders and are greeted with open arms.  They are sent to various places where no one seems to care who they are or where they came from.  Children are enrolled in school, jobs are given to some, and the rest go on the public dole for medical and food.

Now, contrast that with an American citizen who goes on a trip to a foreign country.  Must show a passport when entering that  country, must  show a passport upon returning.  Fail to do that and they cannot get back in!  Use your heads people, go to the open border and walk in!  Once here you can use your drivers license to get everything, just as if you never left!!!

Muslims are being invited to come here as they are refugees and the number is about 85,000 to 100,000.  How many will be combatants?  Are we inviting an enemy in once again to attack us?  Remember the Twin Towers?  We allowed the enemy to train and practically gave them the planes to take down a national treasure.  It is not as if we did have a premonition something bad was going to happen to the buildings.  They had been trying for years with failed attempts until they had succeeded.  We hear there are many people who are going to be with those coming in who are probably ISIS trained.  Some estimates say they will be about 2 per hundred of those people coming in.  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson seemed to know way back there would be problems with the Muslims.  This is not saying that all are bad, but do you think that maybe we should do some checking on those coming?

Have a great rest of this month and we can chat again soon.  Let me know if you like what I say!