Saturday, February 7, 2015

Well it is February 7, 2015 and I am just pondering a few things

Here in Arizona it is a bright a beautiful day for this 7th day of February.  Can you believe that it is 2015 already?  Seems like it was yesterday that I was going to high school in Toms River, New Jersey and along the shore it was a nice day as well in 1954!  The years go by and so does the weather!

Some of the things we have to remember are that when we were young we had the verve and vitality to do anything.  Today, we have the verve, the ability to accomplish many things just isn't the same as it was then.  You could at the drop of a hat go off and enjoy whatever you wanted, visit friends, do hobbies, have a nice part time job, and enjoy just hanging out.  Well, we have life today and take it for what it is.  Global warming is an interesting thought...but is it true?

Global warming as with anything is something propounded by pundits who claim to know all.  In 1951 I used to hitchhike to Monroe High School in Rochester NY.  Each day the same fellow stopped and picked me up and dropped me off within walking distance of the school.  On the way we would chat about the weather that day and his theory about the weather.  It was after a time I found out he was the weatherman for the area working for the United States government.  His theory was that weather was cyclical and that he had been tracking patterns which were recorded from 1800 to 1951.  His theory was it would be warmer at the start of the century (i.e. 1800) get gradually colder to mid century (i.e. 1850) and then gradually get warmer to 1900.  Then cycle back to colder 1950 and then start warming up again to 2000.  We according to his theory are in the cycle of getting colder to 2050!  Never, I repeat never, did he talk about global warming!  Wonder where and how that theory evolved?

My theory...Enjoy each day, one at a time, get the most out of it, and be kind to your fellow man or woman! 

So my friends...have a great day, if you have sunshine...enjoy it, if you have snow...go skiing!