Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day

As we remember all those who perished and those who were freed 70 years ago, we should keep in mind that adage of never again!

Time after time I have heard from those who had no idea that those who perished did not have a choice.  They were taken quickly, lied to as if it were for their best interests, and assured they would be protected in a new location.  Rounding up by Nazis was the norm and their homes were confiscated so quickly confusion reined supreme.

During the past few years I have read so many books about the Holocaust which were written by those who had survived.  There were many books written by non-Jews based upon what they had seen as well.  Some of the exploits which have been described are unbelievable and doubters could easily  say they did not happen that way.

One book that stuck out in my mind was about a young Jewish man who was living in Berlin.  He moved from apartment to apartment which had been previously occupied by other Jewish families, he found food, clothing, and other things of use.  No one dared to enter into those premises and thus things remained as they had been a year or two previously.  Since he was blond, looked like any other German on the streets, he was able to pass and get along.  He sold many possessions that he found so that he had money.  In fact he found that he could eat at restaurants among the Nazi elite and they did not suspect him at all.  Eventually, he left Berlin and traveled to Norway so that he could live without fear.

Another book which stood out in my memory was how a non-Jewish family took in Jews who were escaping from the concentration camps.  This couple hid them in a Zoo!  The cages for the animals were equipped with tunnels underneath where the zoo keepers would feed traverse to feed them.  In these tunnels Jews were hidden, walls in the house were rebuilt with  secret passages.  At the same premises of the zoo were German occupiers with their storage of weapons.  It was difficult at best, but through all this subterfuge there was survival so that those who had been hidden could find passage to safer places.

The stories go on, even with all of this, however, 6 million were murdered.  Every living Jew has knowledge of the events.  All vow to never let it happen again.  Our hearts go out to those in Israel who have to live in fear daily because of their neighboring countries who have vengeance in their hearts.

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