Monday, February 15, 2016

Election season is heating up and there is a lot going on!

Have you registered to vote in the primary of your state?  If not, time is running out and you need to get going so that you will have an opportunity to elect the candidate of your choice.  Never let others make decisions for you, you are the master of your own destiny.  There are times when people sit back and say that they do not believe that getting into the fray is for them.  Then they complain about how the process did not work for them.  The process does work and you have to take charge.  Registering to vote it the start!!!

The field of candidates in the Republican party has narrowed down to 6 remaining.  This week there will be elections in South Carolina followed by Nevada.  On the Democrat side of the fence there are two left and it is up to the voters to determine which one of the two will be there at the finish line.  

It was a sad day for the Supreme Court when Justice Scalia passed.  There are a lot of people who have been expounding theories about a conspiracy and how something sinister had taken place.  It is the type of thing when people who have to start a newsworthy item try to get into the limelight and get attention.  The best way to stop this type of thing is to have uniform rules of conduct when investigating the death of prominent people.  There is no excuse for some folks to step into the arena and try to  do things their way.  No simplistic method is being advocated, but there should be a means to be sure there are no surprises!

Hope that everyone had a great Valentine's Day!  We sure did! 


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