Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 - Remember our troops and Family who served

This is the time to remember family who served and have died!

My brother Leslie Isaacs died, not in battle, but after he had come back after he had served his country, family, and his Masonic brothers.  A life which was noble and giving to all of those who were fortunate to have known him.  He was far to young to be taken by cancer as he had so much more to give to humanity.  I miss him and pray for him every day when I open my computer and see his smiling face which I have as my splash screen.

My first cousin Darwin Boslov died this past year.  He too served his nation and was a fine humanitarian who lived out his last years being legally blind.  What I recall most about him was that both my brother and I had worn his Navy uniforms when we served.  Darwin had a great sense of humor, was athletic, and lived life to its fullest.

Joseph Berger was married to my cousin Shirley Boslov.  Both of them are deceased now.  Joe served in the Army.  He was a man who tried his best in the things that he did and always had a great sense of being pleasant even when circumstances were difficult.  He provided well for his family and left two children Diane and Ronald.

This memorial day I feel honored to have known them and pray that they are at peace in heaven!

Thoughts about protests:

The other day I read that protests in Ferguson Mo were paid demonstrations.  Those people who went out into the streets were there at someone else beckoning to raise a ruckus.  Do we see anyone doing an investigation of who did the paying and the motives?  No!  Some news articles are decrying the person or persons as instigating the unrest!  If this was true and information is known, we should justly be totally upset!  Inciting a riot is a felony crime.  Yet - nothing is being done.    Then in Baltimore, there were riots, destruction of property, and death caused by the mob mentality.

Now, Cleveland is the next bastion of trouble.  71 people were arrested last night (Saturday May 23, 2015) for crimes against persons and failure to disperse.  The question is were these "demonstrators" spontaneous protestations of outrage or were they paid by the same organizers of Ferguson and Baltimore?  Can we rely on the efficacy of the Justice Department to investigate?  I doubt it, what they seem to be doing to second guessing the legal system as to the innocence or guilt of the police officer who had been in court and found to be innocent!  Double jeopardy should attach, even if there is a Federal violation found in an effort to placate an unruly mob!

We need to have all people stand up and demand that enough is enough.  This could be a summer of violence worse than the 1960's when many cities, both North and South were left smoldering.  We are a people far better than that and when foreign interests interfere with our livelihoods, safety, and prosperity it is time for the people to react peacefully.  Demand that Congress step in and pass some laws which will protect and allow the police to serve.

It was a terrible time in Baltimore when the Mayor and Chief of Police refused to allow officers to do their jobs.  The result was destruction until there was outrage by the citizens.  Same went for Ferguson and it looks like Ferguson will never recover the stature of its fine past.

There are great solutions available to resolve some of the problems that we have here in the United States.  It appears that unemployment and pride in earning a living for the black community is necessary.  Congress can develop some inventive ways to put youth and the unemployed adults to work doing meaningful jobs which are geared to help the communities.  Daily we read about the wonderful collection of taxes and the money that flows into the treasury.  Why not dedicate some of that money for training, education, and jobs?  Stop wasteful spending where we read about the glorious travel of the President and his entourage to Kenya!  Why go there when we have severe problems here at home  that need addressing now, not later?

Whenever people have problems in their lives they seem to extricate themselves by the old fashioned method of hard work.  Congress should stay in session until they get the job done!  Who says that they have to take a summer off?  Passing legislation, holding hearings, investigating wrongdoing, and all the necessary things they were elected to do are mandates given by the people.  Adhere to these time honored traditions and get busy!

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