Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28, 2015:  Many things have been going on around the world that it makes me wonder where all of this is heading!

Iran in talks to modify the relationship between their country and the nuclear weapon!

Secretary of State Kerry is being 2nd guessed at each juncture that he approaches.  Words are being leaked by many sources.  Is this a ruse to get reaction from the rest of the world?  Then, there is the release of information to the press about the TOP SECRET information regarding Israel's Nuclear program which has been going on since 1987.  It was released ostensibly several weeks before the election in Israel and seems to be an affront to their Prime Minister when he was fighting for his political life.

Wonder what would have been said if Israel would have interfered with our election in 2012?  Easily they could have come out and said that the Obama Administration has lied to them and have not provided the security they need to be kept safe from their neighbors.  Look at Yemen as an example of the poor communication being made by the administration to the public at large.  Is this a part of the openness doctrine which had been touted by this president when he ran for office in 2008?  I do not think so!  Now, that Yemen has collapsed and the president of that country was swift boated out of harms way, the administration continues to exhort us that all is good and we have our fingers on the pulse of Yemen.

Last news program of a couple of days ago said that Iran refuses to sign any agreement made with the United States!  A flat out affront to the "progress" claimed by Kerry in his talks.  These trial balloons of what we can expect as an agreement live you very confused as to what is the truth after all is said and done.  Will Iran be allowed to bury in a 'secret cave' all of their research and experimentation?  What about the sanction which were passed by Congress?  How can Kerry and Obama think that they have the authority to override Congressional approval?  The UN was never vested with the power to make decisions of this magnitude for the United States.  Obama certainly does not have this power under the Constitution.  

What is happening with the appointments which were shot down by the US Supreme Court?

A big question arises   about the standing of those people who were appointed to jobs by President Obama during the interim period between sessions of Congress.  The Supremes said that Congress was still in session even if they had gone home and there was not a break because things were planned to allow for calling itself in session.  Well!  What is the situation with all those people who were appointed?  Will there have to be a new session in Congress with vetting all those people?  The news media seems to be downplaying this decision and not giving any coverage.  Well?  You be the judge!

I just received the new issue of Esquire my stepson Wayne said "What is this world coming to."

The lead in on the cover is...Women and Men, An issue about Our Current Difficulties...Great, if that was all there was about i.  But how about a Black & White photo of two totally nude people (be it their behinds) the cracks in their butts are clearly delineated.  It is a good think that the shipping label peels off easily so that it fits nicely over both of them!

That is enough for today...I have a cold and it is miserable!  Good thing for Halls Cough drops, they work!

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